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Induction shielding for the missing electrification link on the Mysuru Chamarajanagar railway line!

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An approximate 500 Metres stretch on the railway line connecting Mysuru & Nanjangud town runs along the Mysore airport boundary wall. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) which operates the Mandakalli airport has raised concerns over the interference of Indian railways overhead electric line & movement of trains with the aircraft radar & ILS signals, thus endangering the safe operations of aircraft. Due to safety concerns unaddressed, the AAI is yet to accord approval for the said missing length to Indian Railways to set up the overhead electric traction system on the Mysuru-Chamarajanagar main line. 

As a way forward, MP Shri.Pratap Simha during the recent Mysuru Divisional Gati Shakti meeting suggested adopting the Induction Shielding concept which was implemented by Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) along their elevated reaches running in proximity to the Chennai airport boundary. 

induction shield
In the above pic, one can see the steel roof installed by CMRL on their elevated metro lines near Alandur.

Back then AAI which operates Chennai Airport had raised similar objections in Chennai but was resolved by installing steel roof over the metro rail overhead cables to mitigate the signal interferences. 

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Mysuru Divisional Railway Manager assured MP Shri Pratap Simha that railways will study the technical aspects of the induction shielding concept adopted by CMRL to arrive at a similar solution for the affected stretch on MYS-CMNR line

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