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Everest Industries Ltd, a Building Solutions Company to invest Rs. 187 crores to establish a manufacturing unit in Chamarajanagar

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Everest Industries Ltd’s upcoming Chamarajanagar Project

Everest Industries Ltd proposes to setup a manufacturing unit at an investment of Rs. 187 Crores on a 20 acre plot in Badanaguppe-Kellambali KIADB layout in Chamarajanagar. Their new unit will manufacture 72,000 Metric tonne (MT) of Fiber cement board and 19000 MT of Rapicon wall panels. The company has already released this news to their shareholders through an announcement made to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This highly automated plant is likely to generate new employment to the tune of 127 people.

It is noteworthy to mention here that the proposed investment was initially planned on a 15 acre land in KIADB’s Immavu industrial area in Mysuru but the factory masterplan necessitated additional land requirements. And as there was paucity of additional land in Immavu the company chose to set it up on a 20 acre plot in Chamarajanagar. 

Everest Industries ltd

Everest Industries has been providing ‘Green Solutions’ for several decades as an endeavor to save the planet by lowering the carbon footprint caused during building construction.

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Fiber cement Board: They make Fibre Cement Boards – an advanced green material regarded as the best substitute for natural wood and wood-based products. Made from 40% recycled content, Their Fibre Cement Boards boast of excellent relocatability and thus, serve as a clean, green material. Their plants boast off some of the top-notch machines with state-of-the-art controls to make the products with the required quality and reliability.

Rapicon wall panels: They also make Rapicon wall panels which are a revolutionary drywall system that lets anyone build inner walls for his building 4 times faster than traditional methods. This is achieved while maintaining the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall. Rapicon Walls comprises sandwich panels made of Fibre Reinforced Aerated cement concrete and Everest Wall Boards. The unique tongue and groove joint system facilitates rapid construction and maximizes space utilization.


Man’s unabated quest for modern living is seriously destroying the very planet on which he lives. With humongous exploitation of nature and his greed for natural resources, he is bringing destruction to forests, rivers, and ecology in general. The resulting soil erosion has brought down agriculture yield leading to food shortages and starvation.

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Also, ecological mismanagement is bringing excessive rains leading to floods and droughts in different parts of the world.

However, the silver lining is that people are now aware of the destruction caused to nature in the name of development. Various countries have started taking corrective measures to slow down the rate of exploitation of nature and eventually stop it forever and use green alternatives instead. Governments across the globe are incentivizing the usage of eco-friendly/ recyclable products. 

So far, billions of dollars have been spent on R&D researching green products, and many companies have sprung up to manufacture such products. One among them is the Mumbai-based Everest Industries ltd. 

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