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Become Drone Pilots with Government ID

Citizens can now become drone pilots with any government issued identity and address proof

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The Ministry of Civil Aviation in India has introduced new rules that make it easier for citizens to become drone pilots or possess the Remote pilot certificate.

These rules, known as the Drone (Amendment) Rules 2023, were enacted using the authority granted by various sections of the Aircraft Act, 1934.

Before these amendments, aspiring drone pilots needed to possess a passport to apply for a Remote Pilot Certificate, which was a significant obstacle for many individuals, especially those in rural India’s agricultural sector. However, with the recent changes, the process has become more accessible.

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How to Get the Remote Pilot Certificate?

Now, citizens can use government-issued identity and address proof documents, such as Voter ID, Ration Card, or Driving License, to apply for a Remote Pilot Certificate. This means that if you don’t have a passport, you can still pursue your dream of becoming a drone pilot.

The main goal of these amendments is to promote and facilitate drone operations across the country, contributing to India’s ambition to become a global drone hub by the year 2030.

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By removing the passport requirement, the government aims to open up opportunities for more people to participate in this growing industry.

These new rules came into effect on the 27th of September 2023. This date marks a significant step towards making the world of drones more accessible to citizens across India. So, if you’ve always wanted to explore the skies with a drone, now you have a simpler path to follow – just make sure you have your government-issued identity and address proof documents in order, and you can start your journey as a certified drone pilot.

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