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AIISH, Mysuru is being transformed into world-class institute with the infusion of Rs. 159 Crore for state-of-the-art infrastructure upgradation

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News in Brief

All India Institute of speech and hearing (AIISH), Mysuru is being transformed into a stand-alone Center of Excellence (CoE) for treating the entire spectrum (A ~ Z) of speech and hearing ailments. The Rs. 159 Crores newly built complex, which houses ultra modern/ futuristic equipment will be dedicated to the nation by none other than PM Modiji on 20-June-2022.

AIISH News in Details

One of the most common ailments that has gripped the society is “Speech & hearing” related one, and unfortunately the centers which treat such ailments are not that common in India. It was the vision of the Mysuru royals to have a center dedicated to treat “speech and hearing” ailments of common people that brought such a center to Mysuru in 1966. The rest they say is history.

The institute grew leaps and bounds since inception and has been offering excellent services in the treatment of speech and hearing ailments to all sorts of people. By the mid 1990s the reputation of this institute started spreading outside of India. Patients from all over the Indian subcontinent, Middle east, and Africa started arriving to Mysuru to avail the treatment.

AIISH Mysuru CoE

The new Infrastructure

AIISH, Mysuru will have following facilities which will make it sub shoulders with the best in the world.

The Centre for Speech and Language Disorders in children, adults and senior citizens is expected to handle 5,900 people (treatment and rehabilitation) and 4,800 (assessment) a year. The centre’s activities include assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services including voice disorders, craniofacial anomalies and cleft palate, neurogenic speech disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, mental retardation and syndromes and specific language deficit, childhood aphasia and allied disorders.

Other centres coming at CoE are Centre for Persons with Tinnitus and Vestibular Disorders, Centre for Hearing Impairment in Children, Adults and Senior citizens, Centre for Persons with Swallowing Disorders, Centre for Surgical Rehabilitation of Communication Disorders, Centre for Speech and Language Sciences, Centre for Hearing Sciences, Centre for Prevention of Communication Disorders and Epidemiological Research and Cognitive Behavioral Science in Communication Disorder, Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering, Acoustics and Biomedical Engineering, and Centre for AAC and Sign Language. Outreach centres include Centre for Public Education in Communication Disorders.

The center will design & develop gadgets

The centre has infrastructure to design and develop assistive technology devices, augmentative and alternative communication devices, which are  tailor made for persons with communication disorders. It also aims to design and develop instruments and gadgets for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and linking informatics and speech technology for speech-based work on the human computer interface, according to a note from the institute.


The upgraded AIISH is not only the feather in the crown for Mysuru, but it is a boon for all who are suffering from speech and hearing related problems. Now they can get advanced high-tech care in India, right in Mysuru that too at reasonable/ most affordable costs.

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