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SLN Coffee to establish Rs 128 Crores Manufacturing Unit near Nanjangud

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Humble Beginnings of Coffee

SLN Coffee: Nothing beats freshly brewed “GOURMET COFFEE” for stimulating our thoughts, and refreshing our mood. In fact, the coffee can shake us and keep us attentive at what we do. The truth is, caffeine rich coffee is what the world’s majority of writers, thinkers, scientists, artists, film directors, businessmen and others “SWEAR BY”, for bringing-out their “CREATIVE BEST”.

This obsession with coffee by the “RICH” and “FAMOUS” created an “aura” of “WELLNESS” and “SUCCESS” around coffee and gave it a “CULT” status. So, suddenly sipping hot cuppa started to look cool, and became a part of daily routine for the aspirational people. This created a huge demand for coffee, first in the western world, and later in the rest of the world. The “coffee craze” triggered a few coffee planters to set up their “UP-MARKET” coffee joints to tap the demand for signature brews. Their business met with roaring success.  

Thus started the era of “Starbucks”, “Costa coffee”, “Folgers” and others, which made drinking coffee highly fashionable. 

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Coffee craze in India

In India, Cafe Coffee Day, Indian Coffee House, Barista, Frespresso, Brewberrys Café, Coffee Day Xpress, Gloria Jean’s Coffees and Starbucks started their operations in the early 2000s to tap the growing demand. The young crowd came in droves, and the rest, they say, is history. Coffee drinking has become popular in not only Metro cities, but also in mid and small towns in India.

The SLN Group

In 2000 SLN coffee – a unit of 60 years old SLN conglomerate established its first coffee curing business in Coorg in the state of Karnataka. Since then, they never looked back, dishing out their carefully crafted coffee year-after-year. 

However, in 2017 the company launched their iconic product “Levista Instant coffee” in TamilNadu, which became a super hit among the coffee lovers. Same year, the company launched their brand in Karnataka too, and consumers loved it.

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Investment at Nanjangud

To meet the growing demand, the company (SLN Coffee Private Limited) is investing Rs. 128 crores to establish a unit to manufacture Instant Coffee Powder at KIADB’s 12 acres plot of Immavu Industrial Estate, Nanjangud, Mysuru District. The investment by SLN would provide direct employment opportunities to 250 people.

Group turnover

In 2020 the turnover of SLN group touched Rs. 270 Crores giving employment to 250 people and helping their families lead a decent life. 

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