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ITC to Establish Rs 265 Crores Nicotine Manufacturing Unit

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Nicotine salt OR Nic salt – A new found craze among smokers

Nicotine Salts are extracted from the tobacco leaves and processed through advanced/ state-of-the-art machinery in a controlled environment. Nic salt, as it is also called,  is one of the most effective and efficient ways to deliver nicotine into the bloodstream. 

Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate compounds (NBDC), which ITC intends to produce at Nanjangud, are suitable for many different applications. In its exceptionally pure form, this salt compound is soluble in water and makes it ideal for use in nicotine lozenges and other pharmaceutical products. The molecular structure of NBDC is such that it is easily ingested and quickly absorbed by the body.

One of the main benefits of nicotine salt compound is that it can provide smokers with a stronger nicotine fix within seconds. This allows the nicotine to enter into the bloodstream at a speed that is similar to OR faster than that of traditional cigarettes giving the same satisfaction, but less harmful to the body. This is exactly what people who want to quit smoking expect from the substitutes.

The Nic salt is used in liquid form attached to a Vape pod, a device to smoke Nic salt. Many users of the same have highlighted how vaping Nic salt juice is significantly easier to consume, which is due to its biocompatibility.

India exports crude Nicotine

Presently, India has been exporting crude nicotine to European nations for decades now. Then, after further purification and value addition there, she receives a small share of purified nicotine. As an act of Atma Nirbhar, India now sets sight on exporting processed Nicotine compounds directly to other countries instead of routing it through EU nations. This will stop forex outgo and earn handsome returns, generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs, thus adding to the economy.

The ITC Indivision Limited proposes to do that by establishing a state of the art facility near Mysuru to position India as one of the purest nicotine manufacturers in the world.

ITC Indivision Limited’s proposed “Nicotine and Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate ” manufacturing unit to come up at a cost of Rs. 265 crores in Immavu, Nanjangud Taluk, Mysuru District creating 205 jobs. Construction of the unit is in the advanced stage. 

ITC Limited - Nicotine
ITC Limited

About ITC Indivision Limited

ITC Indivision Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Limited and it is an SPV for manufacture of nicotine and its derivatives.

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