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Savithri Woods is setting up its latest Plywood Manufacturing Unit near Chamrajanagar

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Wigwam plywoods new plant

Savithri woods, the maker of “Wigwam plywood”, is proposing to invest around Rs. 50 Crores to make plywood panels and allied products on a 15 acres plot at badanguppe Kelamballi industrial area of Chamarajnagar district. The unit is likely to employ 515 deserving people on its payroll. The groundbreaking event is expected shortly.

Savithri woods, pioneers in the plywood industry

The Hoshiarpur-based plywood maker, Savitri woods was established in 2003. Right from inception, the founders believed in the infusion of technology and innovation through the usage of automated machines sourced from all over the world. They eventually became the largest plywood makers in India, and they did that by winning over people’s hearts.

World-class product

The founders claim that in India around 90% of plywood is made through the conventional process which was started in the 18th century”. On the contrary, when we analyze the markets in other developed countries, this figure appears to be reversed. That means, almost 90% of plywood manufactured the world over is made using state-of-the-art technology with modern processes. Savitri Woods has adopted such technologies and world-class processes to become what they are today.

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Import substitute products

Many quality-conscious buyers in India have been importing plywood from China, Russia, Europe, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia because of the non-availability of standardized quality plywood. The plywood industry is under the tight grip of unorganized/small-scale manufacturers in India. Savitri Woods is very confident in meeting the expectations of sophisticated customers in India. They claim that their plants are at par with those manufacturers who make plywood the way it should be made. That is why the theme line behind Savitri Woods’s brand “WIGWAM” is ‘PLY AS IT SHOULD BE”.

The region’s gain

With the arrival of such world-beating companies, the profile of the Mysuru region is changing for good. More design-led, technology-driven manufacturing is happening in the region than ever. It is slowly creating a “niche” for itself in high-tech manufacturing.

This attracts the attention of CEOs across India. So, in the future, it should not be a surprise for us if we get to read more such news coming from companies belonging to various sectors. 

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