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Mysuru based S3V Vascular Technologies is proposing to invest Rs 48 Crores on their second manufacturing unit at Immavu

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The second plant of S3V Vascular Technology (S3VVT) to come up near Mysuru

The second plant of S3VVT will come up on an 8-acre plot at an investment of Rs. 48 crores with an integrated facility for the manufacture, and assembly of advanced medical instruments. The center will have an R&D facility for engineers and technologists to come up with innovative products

The center will give jobs to 170 deserving people directly.

Brief introduction of S3VVT

S3V Vascular technologies (S3VVT), a Mysuru-based innovator and inventor of biomedical instruments focusing on treating cardiovascular ailments, have big plans to set up its second manufacturing plant at Immavu near Mysuru. 

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Established in 2011 by passionate founders, S3VVT has come a long way in enhancing the lives of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, through their inventions.

They pioneered the “minimally-invasive medical technologies”, and by collaborating with physicians around the world, they created products that – reduced the duration and risk of “cardiosurgical” procedures. This resulted in advancing the health of their patients and helped them (patients) get back to their normal life fast. This is “innovation at its best”. All these are made available at a reasonable cost. 


Local companies like S3VVT are creating a solid ecosystem for the biomedical industry in Mysuru. In the years to come, the ecosystem will go deep and wide with the addition of more startups.  After all, success always breeds success, which means more jobs for locals. 

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