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Railways to extend Platforms on Mysuru Chamarajanagar Section

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To accommodate longer trains i.e. 24+1 coaches at the stations, Indian railways is extending the platforms at Nanjangud Town/NTW, Ashokapuram/AP and Chamarajanagar/CMNR railway stations.

As per the plan, Platforms at the following stations will be extended to accommodate 24+1 coaches trains.

  • Nanjangud Town/NTW station platform number 2 & 3
  • Ashokapuram/AP station platform number 1, 2 & 3 
  • Chamarajanagar/CMNR station platform number 1

Replacement of Auto Announcement System 

Apart from these works, railways have planned to replace the Auto Announcement System at Ashokapuram/AP,  Kadakola/KDO, Nanjangud Town/NTW and Chamarajapuram/CMJ stations. The Auto Announcement System is also planned for replacement at these stations namely, Srirangapatna/S, Pandavapura/PANP, Byadgi/BYD, Chikjajur/JRU, Tarikere/TKE, Krishnarajanagar/KRNR and Hole Narsipur/HLN.

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Tenders have already been floated for the above works with a target completion period of twelve months for platform extensions and six months for the replacement of the Auto Announcement System.

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