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India’s Quantum Tech could be the holy grail for Green Hydrogen

Banaras Hindu University’s cutting-edge quantum-backed technology for green hydrogen production can speed up the World's clean energy drive.

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News in Detail

In a groundbreaking development, a team of scientists from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has unveiled a cutting-edge quantum-backed technology for green hydrogen production.

The innovative technology promises to revolutionize the future of clean energy. This innovative technology, inaugurated at the University in Varanasi, holds great potential to speed up the production of green hydrogen significantly.

The project was launched by Dr. Anita Gupta, Head of the Climate Change & Clean Energy Division, DST, Dr. Ranjith Krishna Pai, Scientist and director of Climate Change & Clean Energy Division, DST, and Prof. R. R. Sonde, Chairman of the expert committee at IIT Delhi. Eminent experts from various domains across the country witnessed this historic event.

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The team and their tech

The brains behind this remarkable technology are Dr. Somenath Garai and Prof. S. Srikrishna, who introduced the concept of green hydrogen as an eco-friendly energy source. Their innovation includes a next-generation quantum-powered photo-catalyst equipped with a charge transfer system, high proton availability, and mobility. This combination delivers exceptional quantum catalytic applications for energy generation.

Tech is in the process of getting a patent in India.

The technology is currently awaiting a patent under the project titled “Boosting the H2 Economy by Harnessing the Merits of Quantum Encapsulation Chemistry: Augmented Kinetics for Water Splitting Reaction Under Confinement” within the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell program of the Clean Energy Research Initiative.

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Outstanding Green Hydrogen yield through Photochemical reactor

One of the key features of this technology is its state-of-the-art PHOTOCHEMICAL design, incorporating built-in illumination assembly and external concave reflective panels to maximize the capture of solar energy.

The team has also engineered a continuous electron-coupled proton supply system, utilizing industrial metal waste. After extensive optimization, the team achieved a remarkable production rate of approximately 1 liter of Green Hydrogen per minute for every 10 grams of Quantum Photocatalysts.

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The highest purity of Green Hydrogen achieved through Quantum technology

What makes this technology even more promising is the high purity of the green hydrogen gas it produces. The gas can be used directly without the need for additional purification, making it a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. This transformative innovation can be employed in various sectors, from energy production to transportation and agriculture.

Notably, the Green Keplerate Foundation envisions the use of storage-free direct hydrogen internal combustion engine technologies and has already demonstrated their application in automobiles with various engine capacities and functionalities. 

The DST is funding the project and that makes the project even more credible. Using quantum tech, if the Green Hydrogen of the highest purity can be produced at affordable prices, then India, in general, and the project team, in particular, deserve a “Standing ovation”

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