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Proposed Bidar – Srirangapatna Railway line to boost Industrial Activity

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Proposed Bidar - Srirangapatna Railway Line Representative Pic | Railway Line
Representative Pic | Railway Line

To boost industrial development across the state, the Karnataka government in its Industrial Policy 2020-2025 has included a proposal to build a railway corridor (Bidar – Srirangapatna Railway line). There is already an electrified railway track from Srirangapatna to Mysuru. The work on electrification of the track from Mysuru to Chamarajanagar will begin shortly. This would then establish an exclusive connectivity path between Chamarajanagar and Bidar cities, the southernmost and northernmost tip of Karnataka, respectively. 

Length of the proposed Bidar – Srirangapatna Railway line would be around 800 plus kilometres while completely traversing within the state of Karnataka and will connect two very distinct regions of the state namely old Mysuru and Kalyan Karnataka.  Both the regions are culturally very rich and unique, thus have a lot to offer to each other in the form of tourism.

Currently, to access one another, National Highway 44 and Trunk Railway route via Guntakal are the most preferred options, but unfortunately, both the routes traverse mostly through the state of Andhra Pradesh leaving out Karnataka’s cities. Hence, there is a need to build a Greenfield intrastate railway line to accrue maximum benefits to the people and state’s economic fortune. 

The railway line shall attract investments that add value to the existing industrial output of the districts. Also, Sector-specific industrial townships coupled with logistics infrastructure like large warehouses all along the corridor will further catalyse investments. If realised, the corridor will create lakhs of new jobs and raise the per capita income of the districts. 

It is noteworthy to mention that earlier state government had proposed to develop the existing NH150A, connecting Bidar and Chamarajanagar into an 8 lane industrial expressway called the Kalyana Patha.

We at www.mysuruinfrahub.com are creating a document-series to tell the world that the proposed Kalyana Patha expressway along with the proposed rail corridor under discussion and other infrastructure projects we propose, can bring unprecedented prosperity to the region. We would like to give the blueprint to make it happen in our forth-coming docu-series. 

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3 thoughts on “Proposed Bidar – Srirangapatna Railway line to boost Industrial Activity

  1. anyway do early kushalnagar to puttur laying railway line under tunnel system construction and electrification and separate Mangalore railway divisional office very important projects for Mysore development

  2. First let them complete the Bng Chitradurga direct line.
    Commissioning Hospet – Kottur – Harihar – Davanagere – Chikjajur -Arasikere -Bng.
    Should be on top priority.

  3. 🌱🛣️Vary Good Idea For Mysuru Infrastructure and Industrial Growth
    Do NH-150A INTO 4 LANING Proposal from Srirangapatna To Bidar


    IF Possible Creat one PDF DOCUMENT FOR
    Or Email id -harishgowda237@gmail.com

    I will mail that to Highway Minister NITIN GADKARI NHAI OFFICIALS ETC….
    I’m just Social Worker
    courtesy is Yours…. Thank you 🤝🌱🛣️

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