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Mysuru’s MYPOL Linear Rubber Bellow in ISRO’s LVM3 Payload Fairing

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Mypol Linear rubber bellows have been a key component in the ‘Heat shield separation system’ of PSLV and the GSLV.

In collaboration with the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Mypol has pioneered innovative technologies, exemplified by the ‘Toroidal Tube.’ This groundbreaking innovation earned the prestigious ‘Winner’ recognition at the national level by the Government of India.

What is a Linear Bellow rubber based Longitudinal Separation system used in Chandrayaan 3 (LVM3)?.

The Payload Fairing, referred to as the “Heat Shield” by ISRO, is strategically placed atop the stacked vehicle and its integrated Payload. It protects the spacecraft against aerodynamic, thermal and acoustic environments that the vehicle experiences during atmospheric flight. Upon the launcher’s exit from the Earth’s atmosphere, pyrotechnically initiated systems are employed to jettison the fairing. Separating the fairing as early as possible increases launcher performance.

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Animation of the Payload Fairing Separation 

Source- NASA- Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This animation shows the jettison of the Delta 2 payload that encapsulates the OCO-2 spacecraft.

Jettisoning of the Heat Shield

GSLV Mk. III/LVM3 offers a large fairing with a five-meter diameter to provide sufficient room even to large satellites and spacecraft. Fairing separation in a nominal flight scenario occurs at approximately T+253 seconds. The fairing is made of Aluminum Alloy featuring acoustic absorption blankets.


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The shield consists of two half fairings joined along the longitudinal seam with the assistance of a piston-cylinder assembly and rubber bellows, as illustrated in the figure above. In detail B, the cylinder is on the left and the piston on the right. And in between them is the rubber bellow which is in the folded form with the detonating strands running all along inside.  

The jettisoning of the heat shield involves two steps. First, there is the activation of a horizontal separation system, which detaches it from the parent vehicle. Afterward, a lateral separation system actively propels the fairing halves apart. A single command performs a simultaneous activation, releasing the Merlin band through the pyrotechnic bolt cutter and igniting the explosive in the zip cord. This ignition significantly increases the pressure below, leading to the separation of the piston and cylinder, along with the shearing of the rivets, ultimately resulting in the impulsive ejection of the two halves of the fairing.

About Mypol Mysuru

Mysore Polymers & Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. (Mypol) is a pioneering company established in 1981. They hold the distinction of being India’s first manufacturer of butyl tubes. Mypol is a preferred inner tube manufacturer to tyre companies like Good Year, JK Tyres, Ceat, General Tires, DSI, Ceat Kelani, among others. ‘Mypol’ tubes have a strong presence in the replacement market. Their branches cater to a vast network of over 1500 dealers.This reorganization provides a clear and structured overview of Mysore Polymers & Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. (Mypol), its clientele, market presence, and distribution network.

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With expertise in rubber technology, product and process innovations, and cost control, MYPOL meets critical customer requirements. They serve clients in India, USA, Canada, and Europe, reaching all corners of the world.

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