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Mysuru’s emergence as a Cyber Security hub got a boost with the establishment of Center of Excellence (CoE) in cyber security

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News in Brief

The much anticipated  Center of Excellence (CoE) for cyber security was officially inaugurated online from Vikasa Soudha in Bengaluru on 09-June-2022. The CoE is to be located at Phygital labs, a 4000 square-foot office space in Mysuru. The inauguration of CoE in Mysuru, is one step in the right direction towards taking businesses beyond Bangaluru to Tier2 cities like Mysuru.

News in detail

Mysuru’s tryst with Cybersecurity started around 2017/ 2018 when founders of MYRA business school and His Highness Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, Chairman of Bherunda Foundation and few others set the ball rolling for establishing India’s first Cyber security hub based out of Mysuru.

They roped in the state government to make their dream come true. The Karnataka government, through “Karnataka digital economy mission” and “Beyond Bangaluru” program, started seriously working on the mission to establish the Cyber security CoE in Mysuru. 

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The “movers and the shakers” of this initiative, along with government officials, roped in “Information sharing and Analysis center (ISAC), Noida. The ISAC is India’s leading non-profit foundation for advancing national cybersecurity and professional ethics at work places. ISAC has tied up with NCIIPC, CERT-IN, AICTE, ministry of education, Government of India.

Establishment of Cyber-verse

“Cyber-verse” – a Section 8 non-profit organization was started in Mysuru by the founders of Bherunda Foundation, ISAC and the MYRA business school. 

Karnataka Digital Economy Mission is supporting the transformation of  Mysuru into a cyber security hub. Cyber-verse will provide capacity building, training, simulation and R&D in the domain of cyber security to create a talent pool of cyber security experts to make Karnataka –  the epicenter for cyber security talent with the skills to do  innovation and  R&D.

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The training & capacity building exercise at Cyber-verse

Cyber-verse, at any given time, can train 50 students hands-on by exposing them to more than 200 cybersecurity scenarios and applicability-related topics practice. The students will get training on SOC simulator, Virtual Labs: a cyber security scenario simulator equipped with more than 500 scenarios, Hyacinth platform for simulation of attack and defense in cyberspace, malware repository, which includes more than 1.5 million malware available for the startup ecosystem to test the robustness of its products and services, policy and research wing: to focus on the development of various policies based on cybersecurity.

The establishment of CoE on cyber security marks the beginning of Mysuru’s long march towards excellence in cyber security matters and to make India that much safer for all of us.

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  1. I am a Masters student, based in South Africa and passionate about Cybersecurity. In our country, we lack such important skills on cybersecurity.

    Who can i communicate with regards to be offered free online or onsite training.
    Kind regards,
    Davanathan Naidoo

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