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Mysuru based Rangsons Aerospace provides critical Communication Data Link for India’s Stealth Combat Drone

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Mysuru based Aerospace company “Rangsons Aerospace” has designed and developed a world-class 2-way data communication solutions for India’s state-of-the-art stealth combat drone.

The technological superiority is becoming the deciding factor for winning a modern day warfare

The twenty-first century is seeing break-neck changes in the way war is fought. With the mainstreaming of super intelligent systems like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Mobile satellite communication, 360 degree AESA radars, laser guided intelligent bombs, 5th gen fighter planes, stealth combat drones and many others, the 21st century wars are not as tiresome, not as long lasting and yet can be as destructive as it was in the World War 1 & 2. 

The strategy of modern day warfare is to annihilate the enemy’s armed forces, and bring his economy to its knees within the shortest possible time by using the latest arsenals. To do this, it requires unquestionable superiority of high tech armaments, matched with a winning strategy, and whoever has that, has an edge in the war.

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India’s stealth combat drone – the new beginning

India is modernizing her armed forces at a brisk pace. India wants to transform from the world’s 3rd largest arms importer to a leading high-tech arms exporter within a short period of time. The defense policy compiled and ratified by the Modi government has already started showing results.

A lot of indigenisation works have begun for missiles, fighter airplanes, warships, ammunitions, radars, satellite communication systems, drones etc. India’s import of arms in the year 2021 has come down by 22% and arms export has gone upto Rs. 13,000 Crores, and this is a significant achievement. 

In line with Athmanirbhar Bharat, India is indigenously developing all kinds of drones for various purposes and has achieved significant success in that, so far. The latest among them is the prototype development and flight testing of stealth combat drones (SCD) for which numerous technologies had to be built in house. Many private companies have been roped in to develop SCD and one among them is Rangsons Aerospace.

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Representative Pic | Pic Courtesy: Rangsons Aerospace

Rangsons Aerospace – Data Link Communication solutions

Rangsons aerospace makes products for commercial as well as military airplanes. Their state-of-the-art data link  communication solutions are used to enable 2-way communication from airplanes to the ground control room (GCR) and back. The data/ communication link downloads data of the airplane vitals – height, altitude, speed of airplane, wind speed, interior/ external pressure & temperature and other parameters. The pilots’ vitals – body temperature, blood pressure, stress levels etc can also be downloaded to the GCR, if necessary.

When the airplane is faraway they use SOTM/ COTM terminals to relay the data to the GCR via satellite.

The HD quality real time video captured by the camera, pilot’s voice messages, and other vital information are also downloaded on a real time basis to the GCR via communication data links. 

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Rangsons Aerospace’s communication data links are proven for their worthiness and hence used in SCD. 

Why is communication/ data link the heart of SCD?

The SCD may be flying Beyond Line of Sight from the GCR, but controlling its flight falls on the shoulders of experts there. 

Also, firing of the weapons on the targets is triggered from the GCR itself. This explains how robust and lag-free the 2-way communication should be. Even the minutest error is not acceptable, as it will lead to a fiasco.

The design team at Rangsons Aerospace, Mysuru did the job

Mysuru offers good “bang for the buck” invested in doing such high-end technical work. The ecosystem of disciplined, hardworking, enthusiastic, talented engineers makes every investor come back and invest more in Mysuru. 

The city’s exposure to the defense industry is increasing steadily.  Recently Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) inaugurated their Engine design, development and production center for 1500 HP engines for battle tanks being developed by  combat vehicles research and development center (CVRDE), a DRDO entity.  The news can be read here.  The city has vast untapped potential yet to be fully exploited by MNCs.

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