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ISRO Gaganyaan: KCP Ltd fabricates Integrated Air Drop Test Crew Module Structures

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  • KCP Heavy Engineering Unit has completed the fabrication of two Integrated Air Drop Test Crew Model Structures (IADT-CM) for ISRO.
  • ISRO will demonstrate technology readiness before the actual Human Space Flight Mission.
  • Seven integrated air-drop tests of a simulated crew module are planned by ISRO.

Dr. Indira Dutt, Chairman and Managing Director of KCP Group , will hand over this structure to Shri. R. Hutton, Acting Director of Human Space Flight Center (HSFC) at ISRO, on October 7, 2023, at KCP-Heavy Engineering.

KCP has delivered substantial ground components for propellant casting and vehicle launching facilities, including the Mobile Launch Pedestal and a 7.0m Diameter Vacuum Chamber.

ISRO Gaganyan Mission Integrated Air Drop Test Crew Module Structures

Currently, ISRO is actively working on its Human Space Flight Mission, known as Gaganyan. ISRO has placed an order for the fabrication of two Integrated Air Drop Test Crew Module Structures (IADT-CM) to demonstrate technology readiness before the actual Human Space Flight Mission.

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Un-Pressurized Crew Module for IADT Testing

An un-pressurized single-wall crew module structure replicates the shape and size of the actual Gaganyaan crew module. This structure is designed to accommodate major subsystems, including the parachute system, pyrotechnics (pyros), avionics, and a buoyancy augmentation system for the Integrated Air Drop Test (IADT).

IADT Testing Procedure

The IADT testing will take place at SDSC-SHAR and involves the use of an Indian Air Force helicopter. During the test, the crew module will be transported to an altitude ranging from 3.6 to 4 kilometers. This test aims to validate the performance of the deceleration system, which includes the parachute and pyrotechnics.

KCP Heavy Engineering Unit has developed the IADT-CM

KCP has developed the necessary tooling and fixtures and successfully fabricated the first IADT-CM structure in-house. This structure has dimensions of approximately 3.1m in diameter and 2.6m in height, composed of light alloy (aluminum) and 15CDV6 steel. The assembly involves over 100 components joined through welding, riveting, and threaded fastening. The fabrication process includes critical steps such as tooling and fixturing, forming, welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly, and riveting.

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Gaganyaan Project- ISRO’s Human Spaceflight

The Gaganyaan project aims to demonstrate human spaceflight capabilities by launching a crew of three members into a 400 km orbit for a three-day mission, safely returning them to Earth by landing in the Indian sea waters.

An Optimal Strategy for Success

The project’s success is achieved through an optimal strategy, leveraging in-house expertise, the experience of the Indian industry, the intellectual capabilities of Indian academia and research institutions, and cutting-edge technologies available from international agencies.

Critical Technologies Development

Critical technologies are developed as prerequisites for the Gaganyaan mission, including:

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  • Human-Rated Launch Vehicle: To safely transport the crew to space.
  • Life Support System: Providing crew with an Earth-like environment in space.
  • Crew Emergency Escape: Ensuring crew safety in emergencies.
  • Crew Management: Addressing training, recovery, and rehabilitation aspects for the crew.

Demonstrating Technology Readiness

A series of precursor missions are planned to demonstrate Technology Preparedness Levels before the Human Space Flight mission.

These demonstrator missions of ISRO for Gaganyaan include:

  • Integrated Air Drop Test (IADT): Testing integrated systems.
  • Pad Abort Test (PAT): Evaluating emergency procedures.
  • Test Vehicle (TV) Flights: Assessing system safety and reliability.

Safety and reliability of all systems will be proven through unmanned missions conducted before the actual Human space flight mission.

About KCP Heavy Engineering Unit

KCP Heavy Engineering Unit, a company with a seven-decade history, is located in Thiruvottiyur, Chennai. The company supplies equipment to various sectors in core engineering, including cement, sugar, mineral, power, and steel industries, as well as the oil and gas sector. Additionally, it serves Indian defense, space, and nuclear establishments.

KCP Heavy Engineering Unit boasts an integrated facility for heavy casting, machining, and fabrication, all under one roof. Notably, KCP has been collaborating with ISRO for the past three decades, providing flight hardware for rocket vehicles, such as motor cases, nozzle divergent sections, and inter-stage structures.

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