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Hubballi to get DEMU/MEMU Shed

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With the completion of the electrification of railway lines in the Hubballi area,  The Hubballi Division of Southwestern railway is constructing a Diesel Multiple Unit (DEMU) / Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) Shed at Hubballi to support short distance/shuttle trips in and around the Hubballi area.

The Gati Shakthi Unit of Hubballi Division has invited bids with an advertised value of around Rs.23.5 crores with a completion period of fifteen months.

The Construction of the DEMU/ MEMU shed Phase-1 involves the construction of one Pit line, Stabling line along with associated track works, S&T works, Electrical (G), and TRD works (composite work). The proposed Shed is expected to come up beside the Hubballi Diesel Loco Shed and Permanent Way Depot of SWR. Provisions have also been made for the second Pit line to overcome future demands.

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Features of Proposed DEMU/MEMU Shed

  • Pitline length 360 metres
  • DEMU/MEMU Shed 17m x 360m
  • One Stabling Line

Modus Operandi:

1. Disconnect the water pipe line on pitline side.

2. Cast the pile foundation on the between stabling line and pro.pitline.

3. Cast the foundation between pitline for proposed covered shed.

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4. Cast the raft for the proposed pit line .

5. Fabricate the structural steel columns for the pit line and erect with the help of a crane, the pitline column to be fully galvanised.

6. Fabricate and erect the structural members with the help of a crane of adequate capacity duly taking line block.

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7. Construct the flooring at both side of pit line along with columns of covered shed.

8. Erect the roof sheet.

9. Complete miscellaneous works like walkway for inspection, OHE for pitline .

10. Commission the shed and pitline .

11. Stabling line 1 to be laid.

12. relay the track in memu shed as per drawing.

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