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Final Location Survey called for Swamihalli Rayadurg Railway Line

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The South Western Railway has called tender to conduct the final location survey for the new railway line between Swamihalli and Rayadurga stations.

The proposed alignment takes off at New Swamihalli Station, a proposed junction on the Hosapete (HPT) – Yeswanthnagar (YTG) section. The proposed junction is expected to be around 4.5 kilometers from Swamihalli (SMLI) station towards Yeswanthnagar. The new line is expected to connect the towns of Rampur and Hanagal. 

The construction length of this new railway line is expected to be around 53 kilometers, The total length between New Swamihalli Jn to Rayadurga is around 68 kilometers which include the existing length of 15 kilometers between Molakalmuru and Rayadurga station.

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Swamihalli Rayadurga railway line alignment | Pic Credits: Deepak Ulli
Swamihalli Rayadurga railway line proposed alignment | Pic Credits: Deepak Ulli

Benefits of the new railway Line

It will help in the transportation of Iron ore from the Sandur belt towards the seaports of Karnataka and the proposed extension to Rayadurga will provide an alternate route to Hosapete. 

Final Location Survey (FLS)

The estimate of Rs. 5.94 crores was submitted to the Railway Board by South Western Railway for sanction in October 2022.

A final location survey is the first important step that is carried out during detailing of any railway project. It is in this survey where multidisciplinary investigations like topographical, geotechnical, hydrological etc. are taken up and the consolidated data is used to finalise route alignment and identify land usages. 

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Tender Brief 

Final Location Survey between Swamihalli and Rayadurga Stations (52.0 KM)

Total Estimated Cost: Rs. 59153625.70 

Period of Completion: 6 Months

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