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Bids invited for Electrification of Mysuru-Hassan railway line

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RITES Ltd. has invited tender work involving- “Railway Electrification of 25 kV OHE Works, Signalling & Telecommunication Works, General Electrification works and Civil Engineering Works on existing track of single line section of Mysuru-Hassan in Mysuru Division, South western Railway.

Hassan Railway Station

Traction substation (TSS) is proposed to come up at Mandagere, and other TSS at Kadakola & Alur will act as feeders to the traction requirements of the section.

Estimated Cost of Work

With estimated cost of Rs.91.27 crores, excluding GST. 

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Time for Completion

The completion period of this work is 18 (Eighteen) months from the date of commencement.

Brief Scope of Work

Railway Board has allotted Execution of Railway Electrification work of Mysuru-Hassan 119.20 Running KM (142 Total KM) section of Mysuru Division, South Western Railway.

This Railway Electrification work broadly includes Civil, S&T and Electrical related works:

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  • Provision of OHE on Mysuru (MYS) – Hassan (HAS) single line section.
  • Construction of switching posts (SPs/SSPs)
  • Modification (Indoor and Outdoor) to telecommunication system to suit 25 kV A.C. traction. 
  • Maintenance & supervision of entire system during defect liability period of the Project
Civil Works
  • Establishment of survey control points for accurate survey using high end survey equipment such as DGPS and Total Station connected with nearest GTS Benchmark and establishment of pillars. 
  • Provision of Earth work in-formation for Service roads as per site conditions and approved drawing.
  • Planning, design, and construction of SP/SSP’s Buildings, S&T Structures, Relay Room, Battery Rooms, etc.
  • Transportation, handling, stacking, watching, protection, etc., for the construction and Track materials from manufacturer’s works/place of purchase to the working sites. 
  • Testing of Material, Quality of works, documentation as per ISO and RDSO/Railway specifications and ensuring precautionary measures and safety arrangements.
  • Providing Ready Mix Concrete (RMC).
  • Protection works for bridges: Protective screens at FOB’s, ROB’s, etc. 
  • Provision of Height gauges at Level Crossings.
Signalling & Telecommunication works
  • Modifications in existing S&T plans/drawings for 25 kV ACT system Mysuru- Hassan section.
  • Preparation of new S&T plans & other drawings.
  • Modifications in existing signalling installation at stations and mid-section LC gates for 25 KV ACT between Mysuru – Hassan  section.
  • Replacements of existing single line block instruments by single line block instruments suitable for 25 KV AC Traction between Mysuru- Hassan section.
  • Provision of additional signal cables for signalling modifications and provision of Quad & OF cables for additional telecom requirements for Railway electrification.
  • Execution of S&T work and commissioning S&T system

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