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Vidyaranyapuram Dumpsite Bio-mining of Legacy Waste Tender Initiated

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Scientific Processing (Bio Mining) of two lakh tones of Legacy waste to start soon


In a big relief to the citizens of Mysuru the much notorious dumping site at Vidyaranyapuram is all set to be cleared with the MCC calling tender. The works are expected to be completed in 9 months from the date of award of contract. The estimated cost of the work is Rs. 4.6 crores.

For years this topic was only debated and exploited as a political tool with no solution. However, taking note of the severity of the health hazards posed by the dumping site, Mysuru MP Pratap Simha took the onus of bringing in a proven technology of bio mining to clear the waste.

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The technology to be adopted here has been successfully implemented in various cities of India like Indore, Nagpur, Pune etc. In Dec 2019, the then District In charge Minister V. Somanna and MP Pratap Simha formed a team under the DC, who visited Nagpur to tour a bio-mining facility to understand the technicalities. With the team reporting back positively, it was decided to implement the same in Mysuru.

Scope of Work

The contractor is expected to install plant and machinery of required capacity for bio mining of the existing legacy solid waste and subsequently reclaim the land. Necessary Vehicles for the Operation of the Plant will be provided by MCC by hiring vehicles on outsource basis. 

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Broadly, the Project involves the reduction of the unprocessed legacy mixed waste by using suitable Mechanical Sieving Machine or any other equipment. Taking all the materials excavated in the assigned land areas and retrieving the recoverable materials while segregating, sorting, selling, storing, diverting for recycling the excavated materials.

And finally reclaiming the land occupied by the legacy waste to the useful purpose of Mysuru City Corporation.

Project Site and Equipment  Details

Processing Shed
Processing Facility Layout details of Site
Trommel 40, 12 & 04
Topographical Survey details of Site

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