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Mysuru Outer Ring Road Street Lighting to be taken up by City Corporation

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Mysuru City Corporation has invited bids to install LED Streetlights and to take up associated electrical works

City residents will soon find the entire stretch of ORR illuminated with LED lights, as the disagreement between the MCC and MUDA over the operation and maintenance of streetlights has been resolved.Thanks to the recent meeting chaired by Mysore MP Shri Pratap Simha, where it was decided that MCC will maintain and operate the streetlights while MUDA will bear part of the total expenses. 

In this regard, Mysuru City Corporation has invited bids to install LED lights and take up associated electrical works. The cost of the works is approximately 9 Crore INR and the works are to be completed within 12 months from the date of award of work. 

It is noteworthy to mention here that the LEDs to be installed along the ORR will be monitored through a centralized control system (CCMS).

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Centralised Control and Monitoring System (CCMS)

The objective of deploying CCMS is to operate, control, monitor and rectify the integrated LEDs remotely via wireless communication. This would mean all the vital technical parameters/data of the LEDs can be accessed in one control room through software’s dashboard.

CCMS works on the node and hub model. A node here comprises LED luminaries connected to a controller and metering unit (CMU), a smart meter, which transmits all the collected data to the hub. Many such nodes representing various regions of the city communicate with the hub through cellular or RF networks. The Hub houses a data centre with a control room which uses software to decode the data received from CMUs to interface with the operator.

Benefits of CCMS in street lighting context-

  • Real –time monitoring
  • Geotagging of all luminaries
  • Valuable Data collection
  • Swift discovery of technical faults and rectification
  • Scope for Automation
  • Achieve higher Energy efficiency
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