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Mysuru ESDM Cluster

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Cluster Approach to Strengthen the Local Electronic Industry


Mysuru ESDM Cluster: India’s import of electronics goods like – TVs, Mobile phones, wearable electronic items, Cameras, automobile electronics, communication gears, computers, laptops, defence electronics etc. have skyrocketed and has gone over the roof. The import bill of electronic goods is on par with the import bill of oil and other essential commodities, and it is adding to India’s massive “Current Account Deficit (CAD)”, which is due to Imports getting bigger than exports in dollar terms. This high CAD is a serious problem, as it is draining India’s valuable exchequer. To reduce the CAD, India has to reduce her imports and boost her exports. To do that, a whole lot of “policy changes” are needed for India to produce and export more and import less. 

The Manufacture and export of electronics goods can be a good case. For that to happen, a deep and wide component ecosystem should be available in India. That means, most of the components which go into the manufacture of electronic goods should be sourced locally. For that, they need to be made in India first.

Lahari, Mysuru ESDM Cluster
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PLI schemes to make India a global hub for ESDM

To transform India into a global hub for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) and to support the National Policy on Electronics (NPE), Government of India (GOI) has come out with bath breaking three schemes

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  • Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) for large scale electronics manufacturing
  • Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic Components and Semiconductors (SPECS) 
  • Modified Electronics Manufacturing Clusters Scheme (EMC)

Mysuru ESDM Cluster

Under the modified Electronic cluster scheme (EMC), Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeITY) has come out with a plan to create a component supply ecosystem first, by strengthening the existing clusters and creating new clusters spread all over India. 

Mysuru, having had the head start in the ESDM sector, was selected to set up such a cluster by name “Lahari” at the cost of Rs. 29 Crores to provide following facilities.

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Lahari – A ‘World Class TESTING and CERTIFYING Facility’ 

  • It has been set up in the historic city of Mysuru, to provide Testing, Quality & Regulatory needs of the regional electronic Industry. It assists in accessing better technology and facilitates companies to climb higher on the product value chain. Lahari has the arsenal of “Advanced Technologies and methodologies” to help grow the local electronic industry, encourage new investments and new product designs.
  • Lahari is operating state-of-the-art ISO 17025 2017 NABL accredited infrastructure with capability to test as per National & International standards. The testing and certifying facility includes EMI/EMC, Reliability, Environmental, Mechanical, Safety and Component Testing Labs.
  • The facility has dedicated space for engineering activities for iterative product improvement, resident expert consultancy services. Lahari’s aim is to support startups to help them  in new product designs and compliance with very minimal fees. In a nutshell the facility offers the following
    • Provide compliance and pre-compliance regulatory,
    • Certification, reliability, product safety , product design, 
    • Start up incubation and design consultancy services to entire electronic industries including Medical Devices, IT hardware (product & sub-assemblies/components), Power, Energy and Telecom (products like inverters, switch gears, control gears, meters etc.), Automotive, Military and Aerospace.
  • Lahari offers a modern guest-house facility for the outstation guests who come to Mysuru for availing the services provided by Lahari. There is special pricing provided for members.

In short, Lahari is a “ONE STOP SHOP for PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & COMPLIANCE work” – dedicated to the Electronics Manufacturing Sector.

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With so much support from the government, and the zeal of the local entrepreneurs to grow their electronic business and match with, if not, surpass the accomplishments of their peers at various electronic hubs of the world, will one day raise the profile of local manufacturers to that of global level.

It will boost the local economy and create plenty of decently paid jobs for the young/ restless youth of the region.

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    We need to perform the EMI/EMC test under the FCC Standard and the Thermal test for one of our product Edge AI accelerator M.2module.
    Could you please provide the contact person details for the same.

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