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KIADB to develop Kochanahalli Industrial Area

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Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) has called a tender for the development of Kochanahalli Industrial area which lies adjacent to the existing Kadakola industrial layout at cost of 32.7 crores. It is expected to come upon approximately 200 acres of land.


The proposal to expand Kochanahalli, Kalahalli, Adakanahalli and Thanyda industrial areas were mooted by the then Industries Minister Shri RV Deshpande. Out of which Adakanhalli, Kalahalli and Thandya have undergone expansion and are in various phases of development.

Kochanahalli industrial area is located next to the upcoming Inland container depot by Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) at Kadakola which makes it a very attractive investment destination. All of the above mentioned industrial layouts put together to form a big industrial cluster having varied industrial portfolios. The layouts are proposed to be or are interconnected with 4/6 lane roads.

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The total cost of the project is 32.7 crore and the civil works are expected to be completed in 11 months from the date of award of the tender.

The scope of work includes-

  • Formation of 24M & 18M Wide Cement Concrete Roads
  • Construction of RCC Side Drains & Culverts  
  • Providing & Laying of HDPE Water supply

Adakanhalli industrial area will also be undertaking the above-mentioned works in its undeveloped areas at an estimated cost of 5.4 crores.

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