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JSW Steel’s Vijayanagar Plant is adding 5 MTPA capacity with Rs 15000 crores capex

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Current capacity at the JSW Vijayanagar plant is 12 MTPA.

The brown-field expansion project is being undertaken through JSW Vijayanagar Metallics Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of JSW Steel Ltd. (the flagship business of $13 billion JSW Group)

JSW Steel has earmarked Rs 15,000 cr for the brownfield expansion. 


JSW Steel, one of the leading steel producers in India, has been consistently pursuing expansion plans at its Vijayanagar plant located in Bellary district, Karnataka. The Vijayanagar plant, also known as JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works, is one of the largest single-location steel manufacturing facilities in the world. It plays a crucial role in JSW Steel’s operations and contributes significantly to the company’s overall production capacity.

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Over the years, JSW Steel has been actively investing in the expansion and modernization of the Vijayanagar plant to enhance its production capabilities and meet the growing demand for steel in the country. The company has a vision to establish Vijayanagar as a global steel hub, and its expansion plans are aligned with this objective.

Brownfield Expansion – 5 MTPA

One of the major expansion projects undertaken by JSW Steel at Vijayanagar is the installation of a new state-of-the-art hot strip mill. This mill, with advanced technology and automation, is aimed at increasing the plant’s hot-rolled steel capacity. 

The expansion covers an area of 600 acres which includes establishing 4.5 MTPA blast furnace, two steel melt shops of 350 tonnes each, and a 5 MTPA hot strip mill along with other allied and auxiliary facilities.

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JSW Steel

The new mill has a capacity of producing high-quality steel coils with wider and thicker dimensions, catering to various industrial sectors such as automotive, construction, and infrastructure.

Additionally, JSW Steel has been investing in enhancing the production capacity of its existing facilities at the Vijayanagar plant. The company has undertaken revamp and modernization initiatives to improve the efficiency and productivity of its blast furnaces, steelmaking units, and downstream processing facilities. By incorporating advanced technologies and operational improvements, JSW Steel aims to optimize the plant’s performance and reduce its environmental footprint.

All the works are slated to be completed by March 2024. 


JSW Steel is also committed to sustainable development and has implemented several environment-friendly initiatives at the Vijayanagar plant. The company has set up state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment facilities to minimize water consumption and ensure responsible water management. It has also adopted various energy-saving measures and installed advanced pollution control systems to mitigate the environmental impact of its operations.

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The expansion plans at Vijayanagar are not limited to steel production alone. JSW Steel is also actively exploring opportunities in the downstream segment, including the establishment of new facilities for the production of value-added steel products. This diversification aims to cater to the evolving needs of customers and expand the company’s presence in sectors like automotive, appliances, and engineering.

Logistics Infrastructure 

Furthermore, JSW Steel is investing in the development of infrastructure around the Vijayanagar plant to support its expansion and create a conducive ecosystem. This includes the development of logistics infrastructure, such as dedicated rail and road connectivity, to facilitate the transportation of raw materials and finished products.

JSW Steel
JSW Steel, Vijayanagar Plant Internal Railway Network


JSW Steel’s expansion plans at Vijayanagar demonstrate its commitment to strengthening its position as a leading steel producer in India and a global player in the steel industry. Through investments in advanced technology, sustainable practices, and diversification into downstream segments, JSW Steel aims to enhance its production capacity, improve operational efficiency, and meet the growing demand for steel in the country and beyond.

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