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Food Craft Institute Mysuru to move to its own campus

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Food Craft Institute Mysuru: is the culmination of the joint efforts by the government of India and the government of Karnataka for training and grooming the youth in the hospitality industry, so that they deliver top-notch services at the reputed hotels and restaurants around the world. For years, the institute has been functioning out of make-shift premises in Mysuru, and is now planning to build and move to their own campus for which they have called for tender.

This article is to briefly introduce Food Craft Institute Mysuru (FCIM) to the readers and their campus plans.

Food Craft Institute Mysuru
Food Craft Institute Mysuru I Source: FCIM FB


Of late, the world is seeing a seismic shift in the eating habits, as people are increasingly dining-out at restaurants. In the developed world, eating out has become a common trend among family and friend circles. On an average they dine atleast 2 to 3 days a week outside, such is the trend. So, eating out is a multi billion dollar industry world-wide.

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What has contributed to this?

The people often eat food outside because they want varieties. In fact, the world is becoming increasingly liberal towards the choice of food, and the consequence is, people want to call shots on what to eat, when and where. Various mobile Apps have aggressively contributed to this.

Managing Restaurants is becoming increasingly complex

Because more people eat outside, more restaurants have mushroomed across cities which has resulted in more competition in attracting customers. Since the customers have a wide choice, their expectations have sky-rocketed.

This is keeping  the restaurants on toes to keep check on the expenses and at the same time meet the customers’ expectations. 

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Hotels & Airlines are even more complex to manage

Thanks to low-cost airlines and internet based reservations, booking hotel rooms and air tickets has become child’s play. When booked in advance, customers get steep discounts too. This triggered people to take flights to make low-cost air travels and check in at hotels of all categories across cities. That means, people are travelling a lot within India and outside on business and pleasure trips with families.

More people are travelling and checking in at hotels means more business, which brought intense competition in the airlines and hospitality industry. To attract customers, they (hotels and airlines) started giving deep discounts, which bled them financially and the industry learnt their lessons quickly.

The hospitality industry captains realized that only by providing better customer experience they could make customers happy. Happy customers means repeat business and this way they could stay in the business for long. Thus started the induction of professionals into the business. But why so?

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Only Professionals can manage business well

Gone are the days when any hardworking person could manage business, but nowadays it needs professional touch. That means, to manage businesses to the satisfaction of customers, who have spoilt for choices, skilled professionals are necessary.

The Food Craft Institute Mysuru is one of such institutes that has been in the business of training and grooming youth to deliver professional services in the hospitality sector.

Food Craft Institute Mysuru
Food Craft Institute Mysuru I Source: FCIM FB

Food Craft Institute Mysuru in brief

The Food Craft Institute Mysuru (FCIM) has been set up by the Karnataka government in partnership with the central government. It is managed by the Board of Governors. The Principal Secretary, Tourism Department Govt of Karnataka is the Chairman for the Board, and the institute was started mainly to train and provide jobs to the youth in the various sectors of the hospitality industry, and to develop entrepreneurs.

Hospitality industry has the potential of offering millions of direct and indirect job opportunities to the trained manpower.

FCIM is affiliated to The National Council for Hotel management  and catering technology (NCHMCT), Noida. The course material designed by NCHMCT lays emphasis on producing “highly skilled” operational and managerial staff for the hospitality industry. The FCIM brand image is so powerful that it is attracting hoteliers from all over India to its campus to hire graduates for their operations. 

More information can be got from www.fcimysuru.com

Food Craft Institute Mysuru
Food Craft Institute Mysuru I Source: FCIM FB

Food Craft Institute Mysuru plans to move to its new campus

FCIM has been operating for years now from  Kannada Karanji Bhavana, Dasara Exhibition Grounds. With the stupendous popularity of the institute, a need is felt to move to its own campus that has state-of-the-art infrastructure to train and groom their students. The campus is set to come up in Hosahundi village, Mysuru.

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