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RFP tender invited for upgradation of Hubballi-Dharwad bypass with six lane

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National Highways Authority of India  (NHAI) has called an RFP tender for the improvement & upgradation of the existing two lane Hubballi-Dharwad bypass to six lanes to be executed through an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract.

Bypass as a city road

Hubballi-Dharwad Twin Cities – one of the designated smart cities in Karnataka, look to be coming out of the slumber in order to catch the fast train towards growth. The existing inefficient/ creaky infrastructure is being replaced with modern 21st-century ones with state-of-the-art digital equipment to ensure optimization. One of such projects is the expansion of the Hubballi-Dharwad bypass road to six lanes with a digital tollbooth to collect and consolidate tolls with ease at a jiffy. 

The project is explained in brief in the following pages  

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Project in brief

The present two lane Hubballi-Dharwad bypass is all set to be expanded to six lanes with service roads. NHAI has decided to establish a single toll beyond Kelegeri while doing away with the multiple tolls between Hubballi & Dharwad. This means the stretch between these cities would remain toll free, thereby helping the residents to commute quicker & for free. Old PB road which connects Hubballi & Dharwad cities is saturated already. Opening up of the 6-laned bypass to city traffic would provide the much needed capacity to cater to future traffic. Bypass can emerge as an economic corridor with planned Integrated townships promoting the concept of “walk to work”.

Typical Cross section

Typical Cross section of Hubballi-Dharwad six lane bypass
Typical Cross section

Silent features

  • Estimated cost of 799.30 Cr INR
  • Completion Period 2.5 years
  • Maintenance period of 5 years
  • Flexible Pavement shall be provided for the entire project highway
  • Chainage: Gabbur Flyover section of NH-48(Old NH–4) from Design Chainage. 402.600 to 433.200
  • Service road shall be provided in continuous lengths on both sides along the bypass for a length of 29.54 KM
  • A new Grade Separator/Flyover is proposed at the Gabbur Junction (Chainage 403.100)
    • Structure: PSC box girder & deck slab
    • Span arrangement: Total 3 spans. 1×30 + 1×40 + 1×30 Metres
    • Width: 13.4 + Median + 13.4 Metres
  • Single toll between Kelegeri and Narendra along the project
  • The minimum Proposed Right of way is 60m in the entire length of project road. Additional widths are proposed at many locations to accommodate improvement of deficit geometrics, proposed Bus Bays, Toll Plazas and Junction improvements
  • The design speed shall be the minimum design speed of 100 km per hr for plain/ rolling terrain
  • Minor Bridges, Underpasses (vehicular, non-vehicular),Pedestrian/Cattle Underpasses(PUP/CUP), Pipe/Box Culverts, Truck Lay byes, Road Side Drains, Major Junctions, Minor junctions are provided


Project Facilities include:

  • Toll Plaza
  • Roadside Furniture
  • Street Lighting
  • Pedestrian Facilities
  • Tree Plantation
  • Bus Bays and Bus Shelters
  • Traffic Aid Post
  • Medical Aid Post
  • Vehicle Rescue Post
  • Advanced traffic management system
  • Highway Patrol units
  • Operation and Maintenance Centre
  • Traffic Safety Device

Construction sequence

The below image indicates the construction sequence of the strengthening portion of the highway which is self explanatory. To ensure hassle free travel the two lane service roads will be taken up first on either side. 

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Hubballi-Dharwad Bypass
Hubballi-Dharwad Bypass

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