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Mysuru needs International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIEC)

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Need for Mysuru International Exhibition and Convention Centre: There is a land parcel of 100 acre in the jurisdiction of Karnataka Industrial development board (KIADB) reserved for Film city project (FCP) at Immavu industrial estate near Nanjangud. However, with the FCP moving to Bangaluru, this land is LYING VACANT over the last 3 years now. The idle land brings NO REVENUES to the government, and is a total loss.  MIEC can come up on this land and the government can earn quick returns.  

Background Information

In 2018, the then Siddaramaiah government had got KIADB acquire 100 acres of land at Immavu industrial estate near Nanjangud for the establishment of FCP. Despite whos-who of film fraternity recommending current government dispensation to base the FCP near Mysuru, the project moved to Bengaluru due to some (un)avoidable circumstances, and the present B S Yeddiyurappa government allotted Rs. 500 Crores for the same in the 2020 state budget. So, the 100 acres of acquired land for the FCP at Immavu remains vacant, thus bringing colossal loss to the government.

Make the land earn some serious money

Instead of losing money by keeping the land idle, it should be put to business use urgently and earn some serious money. That means, with the help of private companies, a state-of-the-art International Exhibition and Convention (IEC) center can be quickly established there. This center should be on the lines of Bangalore International Exhibition and convention center (BIEC).

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The management of the center should be outsourced to a reputed organisation to operate it profitably.  This way the government along with the private operator can earn significant revenues.

Representative Pic for Mysuru International Exhibition and Convention Centre
Representative Pic | Source-BIEC

International Exhibition and Convention (IEC) Centre in a Nutshell

The Mysuru International Exhibition and Convention Centre should have the following

  • Air conditioned halls: Two massive air conditioned halls which can accommodate more than 5000 people each. These halls can be used as exhibition centers for exhibiting products and services of international repute. 
  • Auditoriums: These halls have  attached auditoriums with state-of-the-art audio/ video equipment to host international seminars and symposiums. Rock concerts, gigs by reputed artists can also be hosted there. Indian traditional programs by famous artists too can be conducted there.
  • Warehouse: The exhibitors need a warehouse to bring their products and assemble to be displayed at exhibition halls.
  • Loading & Unloading Hub: The exhibitors should be able unload and load their products through a well equipped hub with mechanised cranes, forklifts and other required equipment. 
  • 3*/ 4* Hotels: Invite any private hotel operator to build 3 star OR 4 star hotels to accommodate guests.
  • A Public Food Court: The large number of attendees of the exhibition and other programs have to eat during the event. In order to do that, a large food court with a modern kitchen equipped to dish out Indian (South & North India), Chinese and Continental food, is to be housed.

The land required for establishing the IEC is approximately 25 acres, which has already been acquired, and is readily available with KIADB.

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Representative Pic for Mysuru International Exhibition and Convention Centre
Representative Pic | Source-BIEC


The land for the IEC is located at KIADB Immavu industrial area (IIA) adjacent to Adakanahalli KIADB industrial layout near Nanjangud. The IIA is one of the well developed industrial estates in the state. 

The infrastructure at IIA is top class and it includes the following

  • It has 4 LANE roads,
  • Industrial grade power infrastructure,
  • Fiber optic cable laid already for high-speed broadband,
  • Copious water from the nearby Varuna canal for drinking 
  • Solar powered street lights,
  • Cell towers for better mobile communication, 
  • Effluent treatment plant for treating industrial waste water. 

No wonder the estate houses some of the top-notch MNCs who are happily operating from the past few years now.

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IEC Operator

The modern exhibition and convention centers are very complex to operate profitably. Only those who are in that business for ages can do that job well. The government should invite any internationally reputed company to build and operate the IEC to the international standards.

Only the one that has experience in running a chain of IEC centers globally, should be given the job of operating the IEC center, Mysuru.

Connectivity to IEC

The road that leads to the IIA is well connected to the Mysuru ~ Nanjangud ~ Chamarajanagar National Highway 766. Mysuru city is 20 kms away from the site and has many star hotels to accommodate the guests and dignitaries. Also Mysuru Airport is very near to the site around 6 kms away. So traveling to and from the airport to the site hardly takes any time. 

Why IEC near Mysuru makes sense?

The location of IEC near Mysuru makes sense because there are many internationally reputed tourist attractions within 50 kms radius from Mysuru. There are a lot of attractions which the delegates can choose after exhibition hours. The tourist attraction is divided in circuits and they are as follows

  • Heritage Circuit – Visit to many heritage sites.
  • Temple Circuit – Visit to many old temples which were built by the past kings
  • Traditional Cultural Circuit – Visit to many places which showcases local culture and tradition
  • Traditional Food Circuit – Visit to food joints which dish out traditional local food.
  • Yoga Circuit – Visit to many internationally reputed yoga schools.

Well developed tourism is the Mysuru’s forte  and she never disappoints anyone. The location of IEC is such that the visitors who come to attend any event won’t be bored at all, and may come back with their families to experience the joy again. So, MIEC can do miracles to the local economy.

Representative Pic for Mysuru International Exhibition and Convention Centre
Representative Pic | Source-BIEC


The Mysuru International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIEC) will boost the local tourism economy by adding jobs to the job pool.  The government will earn revenues through taxes and through increased GST. The money earned by the people will be spent on various things, which will add to the GST kitty and boost the state as well as Indian economy. 

A large nation like India with a roaring economy makes it attractive for the investors to pump in their hard-earned money into Indian economy, which itself will pump-prime the economy further in a vicious circle.

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